• Guangdong , fragrant, Ltd., located in Chaozhou cuisine rich cultural heritage of the region, is a collection development, production, sales as one of modern integrated enterprise . Since its inception, has always focused on sweet flavors, savory flavors, seasonings three types of R & D and production, in 2010, after years of efforts, China Xin person, company relocation has more than 20,000 square meters of new plant and office building, equipped with first-class R & D center and flavor development team ...

  • Dear Partner, you are welcome to join, "Hua Xin" This harmony, warm family! Here, we congratulate you on becoming a. Shantou City, fragrant, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flavors and fragrances company, after years of hard work, we have a complete and scientific quality management system, integrity, strength and quality of Xin Hua also gained wide industry recognition. With the increasing development of the market, Hua Xin people must be at the same time adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit ...

  • Vision is the direction we move forward, our navigation lights, is our common goal of a successful picture of our Helping Hands. (A) Our vision: to promote Chinese Food Innovation Interpretation: This is our common belief Hua Xin and commitment to people, we know that to achieve this goal will require a long-term and unremitting efforts of all partners ...

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Shantou City Ltd. a company engaged in sweet fragrant flavors, savory flavors, seasonings three types of R & D and production company, has more than 20,000 square meters of production plants. Enterprises through ISO22000 food safety management system certification.